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December 7, 2017 admin

When you’re on a date, do you ever wonder whether the person you’re with actually likes you?  The conversation is flowing and the date is going well, but how do you know whether someone is really into you?

We all know the basics of body language.  Such as, crossing your arms on a date isn’t great – But what if we’re simply feeling cold?!

You have the ability to discover whether someone is into you, by simply being aware of some tell-tale body language signs.


  • If a woman places her belongings in-between the two of you, you can take it as a sign she isn’t really into you. Or, she simply isn’t ready for you to touch her yet!
  • When a woman is into you, she will regularly cross and uncross her legs.  She will be trying to make sure you notice and look at her legs too – This is one of our body’s natural reflexes.
  • When you’re engaged in a conversation with a woman who’s into you, her feet will actually wiggle a little whilst she is laughing – Also, a natural reflex.
  • A woman who is into you will also touch her face, neck and look away and back to catch your eye.  She will also look at you whilst she is touching her neck, or anywhere around that area.


  • If a man is into you, he is going to have more of an exposed crutch (as strange as this may sound).  This is because he is more open to you – His legs will also be more exposed and he will be sitting more toward you.
  • When a man is in the company of a woman he is interested in, his eyes will flutter and he will blink a lot more often too.
  • A man will automatically want to touch you when he is into you, so he will look for any way to do so – He may brush your hair out of your eyes or pick some lint off your clothes.
  • You may not notice this, but as you get up from your seat, a man will check you out, up, down and all around! Then, he will watch you as you’re walking away…
  • A man will also want to sit in a position where he has you more to himself and away from others (where possible), whilst being chivalrous and offering you the more comfortable seat available.
  • If a man is really into you the eye contact will also be very regular – No looking away here!


  • For both sexes, their pupils will dilate when they’re looking into your eyes.
  • Even something as simple as where your date places their drinking glass is another sign.  If your date places their glass adjacent to yours – This is called mirroring. ‘What does this mean?’ you may be wondering. Well, whether your date realises it or not, it means they are feeling a connection with you.
  • Touch is also an important sign and a powerful one at that!  If your date touches you, even in a subtle way, such as lightly touching your arm, or brushing past you as they walk away from the table or to the bar, they are definitely interested in you and are trying to show you so.

So you see, the signs are only little things and they are easier to pick than you may think.  Better yet, once you’re aware of the signs to look out for, you’ll begin to understand whether someone is into you, to give you a better indication of whether to ask them out again.

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Wishing you love, always,

Louanne Ward x


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