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December 16, 2017 admin

For those of you who have spent another weekend on your own, trying to get out there to meet someone, or simply thinking about how nice it would be to meet someone, here is your reminder that every day is another opportunity to this.  You really do have the opportunity to meet someone every day!

You just need to get outside of the bubble that you live in!  Unless we spend our days at home, we cross paths with so many people every day, yet we miss so many opportunities to meet someone.

You can start first thing in the morning too!  – When you go to buy your morning coffee, how about interacting with someone and getting used to talking to strangers!  I know that making conversation with a stranger can be a tricky thing, especially as we are taught from such a young age not to talk to strangers! – Thanks Mum! But, talking to strangers can really be as simple, a giving some a compliment.  Whether it be on what they’re wearing, or their beautiful smile – just give it a try.

This isn’t just on the weekend either… Wednesday is the new Saturday!

So, get your girlfriends together and go out on a Wednesday night, go somewhere random where you have never been before, even go alone if you are feeling confident enough! Have a look around, smile and interact with as many people as you can, you never know what may happen.

I was in a coffee shop recently waiting for my coffee, and trying to read a message on my phone, but I didn’t have my glasses, so I couldn’t see a damn thing – What’s a girl to do?! I know, ask the guy next to me to help me read it!  I did, he read the message to me (lucky it wasn’t an embarrassing one), got his coffee and left. Or so I’d thought…

Much to my surprise, he was waiting out the front of the coffee shop for me and asked for my phone number.  And all because I made the effort to interact with him – See? It really does work!

Be confident! Think about what you look like! Be friendly! Be open! Be engaging!

You can do this when you’re in your elevator too, at home or at the office – Say good morning to everyone in there! Why not? Whether they’re the partner of your dreams or not, people will remember you simply by your gesture of a good morning, and you will make them feel good about themselves, as well as yourself.

And remember…. SMILE! Because nobody will fall in love with your frown, so it is important to smile as much as you can! Not only will smiling make you feel better, but people’s reactions to you will be better too.  In fact, the likelihood of you getting a smile in return is actually quite high, because as a whole, we tend to copy the facial expressions of others, whether we realise it or not.

An article from Psychology Today says that There is a lot of evidence of body language mirroring. We automatically copy the facial expressions of others. We reciprocate and in social groups it can be contagious. People respond to, and evaluate, those who smile differently and more positively than those who do not”.

So, remember to smile, what’s the worst that could happen?!

I recently asked one of my clients what she looks like when she goes to the supermarket.  She responded with what is the usual for many, ‘My Ugg boots, no makeup, hair tied up in a bun, my glasses etc.’.  When you go the supermarket looking like this, it’s unlikely that you feel very confident, and when you aren’t feeling very confident, then you are less likely to smile, so really, confidence is the key!

So, with that, I suggested she try dressing up a little bit next time she goes to the supermarket, or at the very least putting some effort into her appearance.  The next time my client went to the supermarket she blow-dried her hair, put on some makeup and wore a nice outfit.  Low and behold… A cute guy from the supermarket knocked on car door as she was leaving, and asked her out on a date!

Next time you leave the house, think about these five things before you walk out the door:

  1. What does my face look like?
  2. Am I presented well?
  3. Can I be my most confident self the way I am dressed?
  4. What if I meet someone?
  5. Am I smiling?

Because, you never know who you might meet next time you leave the house!

So, remember, get outside of your bubble, think about how you look before you leave the house, be confident and smile, because every day is another opportunity to meet someone, and you really can make it happen every day!

Until next time.

Wishing you love always,

Louanne Ward x

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