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Men Need Compliments Too!

July 21, 2017 admin

Over my past two decades as a professional Matchmaker, I have spoken to both single men and women on a daily basis.

From doing this, I have been able to spend quality time finding out what men and women’s likes and dislikes are, what turns them on and what turns them off, what they find attractive in a potential partner and what they don’t, and so on. – I find out a lot!

My mission for this blog is to help try to bridge the gap between men and women, and to help give women a better understanding of men, so that we as women, can become better equipped to have a more successful relationship.

This brings me to the topic of discussion today – Compliments!

Compliments are something that as women, we have almost come to expect as part of everyday life. Most women give and receive compliments on a daily basis and are regularly complimented by both men and women. Whether it’s a compliment on what we are wearing, the smell of our perfume, our accessories, a skill, or something we did well that day, we are used to getting them regularly.

The poor men on the other hand, tend to miss out – Why?

Dr Laura Berma says

It’s because men are socialized to shut down their emotions and to silence their needs. Little boys are told to ‘man up’ and ‘don’t be a wuss,’ which is simply code for ‘Work hard, be quiet, and never let them see you sweat.’ And, sadly, it also means that they hardly ever get compliments.

So, we’re not really giving men compliments, but we should!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s to a man on your very first date, or your partner of ten years, start dishing out the compliments to men, when and wherever you can!

Men have insecurities to you know (they are human too, after all), which means that they need validation too, and as their date or their partner, we should be the ones giving it to them in the form of compliments.

Some might even say that in a relationship, the man needs compliments even more than the woman does, because they aren’t getting them from anyone else.

Your compliments don’t always have to be verbal either. How about leaving cute notes around the house for him to find? – Not only is this thoughtful, but it’s also very romantic.

It’s important to ensure that your compliments are genuine, sincere and often, but without being too clingy or over the top. Don’t dish out compliments purely in the hopes that you’ll get something out of it either – Give them because you genuinely mean it, and because you genuinely care.

10 great compliment ideas for you:

  1. I really admire you
  2. Being wrapped up in your arms always makes me feel so safe
  3. When I’m around you I feel safe and protected
  4. You have a way of making me laugh
  5. I love your sense of humour
  6. I can see why you’re so respected at work
  7. The way you handle a problem is really admiral
  8. I really value your opinion
  9. I could get lost in your eyes
  10. You’re so good at fixing things – thank you

Complimenting your man will really make you feel good, and I can guarantee that it will only make your relationship better.

So, remember to compliment your man, because men really do need compliments too!

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