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What A Man Wants

June 28, 2020 admin

For the first time in the technology generation without instant gratification of being able to meet and date in person men and women have had time  to consider the deeper characteristics they truly want in a partner. 

Even though men are from Mars and Women are from Venus when it comes to relationships the desires and frustrations the sexes aren’t that different… Or are they? 


Having worked in the dating and relationship industry for nearly 3 decades I am no stranger to the truths, but I wanted to give you all the opportunity to have your say and share your personal truths. We conducted a poll through our database and on our private Facebook group Shesaidhesaid and here’s what we discovered. 


What do men really want in a partner? 


The first point of attraction in any relationship is always visual so we asked men. 


What top 2 PHYSICAL features you like most in a woman?


The results may come as a surprise to some. 


  1. Eyes took out the top spot at 34%
  2. Followed by smile at 24.8%
  3. The butt came in 3rd at 10%.
  4. In fourth position were breasts at 7.7%
  5. Closely followed by legs at (6.2 per cent) 


The other physical features men shared their appreciation for was a healthy body shape, nice hair and personal style rounding out the list.

When it comes to what attracts men to a woman her character is often reflected in her looks. Non verbal communication aka Body language makes up for 80% of the way we communicate therefore how you present on the outside should not be underestimated. Women spend more time on superficial components of being perfectly polished and preened in order to attract a man. Whilst men like a stylish sexy woman what men find sexy is a woman who is comfortable and confident in her own skin. Someone who looks after herself physically and has personal pride but the over use of cosmetics and enhancements are not what men look at. Your eyes can show kindness, warmth, cheekiness and play a massive role in the art of seduction as does the smile. 

We are no strangers on knowing how to give someone an evil eye and we can also consciously give someone an approving, adoring look but what it pays to remember is your internal beauty, self esteem, kindness, humility, vulnerability and wisdom are all reflected in your eyes and smile. 

Moving to the next phase we then asked  men


What are the MOST important character traits you like in women?


Once there is established attraction the physical aspects are not what makes a man fall in love it certainly isn’t the same for every man because his personal experiences play an important role however here’s what men  value in a woman according to the poll.


  1. At the top of the list was honesty with 21.3 percent
  2. Someone with good self-esteem and confidence closely followed with 20 percent of the votes
  3. Playfulness at 18 percent
  4. Fourth position was a draw between attitude – being grateful, positive, and appreciative, and kind/caring 14 percent.
  5. Loyalty and trustworthiness rounded out the top five with 12.6 percent. 

Men also voted emotional intelligence, drive, ambition and resilience and  as important to them.

It may come as no surprise but men didn’t rate a woman who was romantic as important, in fact whilst it made the list it polled in at last. 


The interesting thing about these results was the character traits men find attractive  are much deeper than women may believe. The 37 different aspects of character traits they found attractive bust many dating myths to a large degree. Men appreciate women who are supportive, not afraid to take risks, have gratitude and appreciation with a healthy dose of optimism. What this demonstrates is the human need to have positive reinforcement, compliments and words of affirmation. A woman who knows how to compliment a man and offer support through tough times will strengthen a man’s bond. 


In closing ladies if you have ever wondered if the crazy hot scale  had any truth, a surprising fun fact some men revealed is they like a bit of crazy in their women! 




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