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We exist to bring people together on their journey to love simply because love brings joy and meaning to people’s lives.

Whatever your relationship goals we’re here to help you achieve them.

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What Sets Us Apart

Unrivaled and Reputable

Louanne Ward Matchmaking is firmly established as Perth’s most favored professional dating service. Combining an extensive database and network of eligible singles, our service extends to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Experienced Matchmakers

The team is led by Master Certified Matchmaker Louanne Ward who is considered one of Australia’s leading dating experts and trusted media commentators. She is supported by a dedicated team of highly experienced relationship consultants.

Established Yet Progressive

Louanne Ward Matchmaking has been facilitating successful introductions for over 25 years. As the dating landscape evolves we remain focused on filling the voids left by technology and offering solutions to the challenges faced by modern daters. We don’t leave the fate of your love life to an algorithm.



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For us values run deeper than simple words, they are rooted in the history of our company culture. The dating world has changed, but our values remain unchanged.

They are not rules for you to follow but we do ask you to consider our values and use them as a guide while you work with our team on your personal journey to love.



Technology might have changed the way we meet and
communicate but it hasn’t changed the way we love;
people need people as much as ever.


Since 1993, Louanne Ward Matchmaking has helped thousands of people find deep, meaningful and compatible relationships. Our expert matchmakers are highly credentialed and utilise our extensive database and networks developed over 28 years to handpick matches for our clients. Our personal approach is what makes us different.

The desire to give and receive love, be accepted, respected and significant to another person is one of our greatest challenges and achievements.

Our founder and CEO, Louanne Ward is a writer and trusted media commentator regularly called upon to offer expert advice and opinions on relationships, dating, body language, business and communication. She has appeared on Channel 7, Channel 10, Channel 9, , The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, West Australian, and various radio stations.

At Louanne Ward Matchmaking we only take on clients we know we can support, which is why we have an unparalleled success rate.

Whatever your relationship goals, we are here to help you achieve them.

It has always been our core belief that relationships impact the quality of our life.



Master Certified Matchmaker, Dating and Relationship Coach, Body Language Expert, Trained Demartini Values Facilitator, Media Commentator, Podcast Host, Writer and believer…. love is worth it.



28 years on and still loving it…

It has always been my core belief that relationships impact the quality of our life. The desire to give and receive love, be accepted, respected and significant to another person is one of our greatest challenges and achievements.

My quest to deeper understand human behaviour and how we love led me to travel the world studying and training in methodologies from leading experts.

Born in the UK my parents, 3 sisters and of course myself migrated to Australia when I was 5, the same year my mother and father separated and my father took sole custody of my sisters and I. Growing up in the 70’s in the hills of Perth was almost like growing up in the country. Not much to do except embrace the Australian outdoor lifestyle.

Living a very humble life I grew up in simple times where you played outside when it was light, creatively making up your own games, climbing trees, exploring nature, stealing bareback rides on the horses in the paddocks, making bonfires and sleeping under the stars when it was too hot in the house.

My Dad was a proper Englishman with an old school upbringing and instilled strict discipline, manners and consideration for others ahead of oneself. At the time I thought it was positively awful but as I grew I came to deeply respect the early childhood lessons.

My early childhood experiences of watching my mother walk down the road, suitcases in hand, leaving her 4 young girls to be raised by their father was both a heartbreak and saviour.

As a 5 year old, I felt the pain of loss and grief, the brutal sting of not being good enough for my own mum to love me enough to take me with her. I felt the abandonment, unworthiness, loneliness, and fear crying myself to sleep for what felt like years

But, in the same moment, my mother simultaneously taught me the importance of hope optimism and resilience, she taught me how to solve my own problems, how to self-nurture and protect myself, she taught me independence but most of all she taught me what it felt to love. She gave me the greatest gift of understanding that without love we don’t feel truly happy. Watching my father’s pain and his transformation drove me to believe that there is someone out there for everyone.


Outstanding group to work with. Fully recommend anyone that’s looking. It’s been a great experience.


From the first exchange I had with Louanne I was quite impressed by her approach. My experience has been one of professionalism and taking a real interest in my expectations.


Hi I’m so happy and want to thank you Louanne. I wanted you to choose for me. You got it so right. He’s everything I’m looking for. It feels really positive and right


After 4 frustrating, time-wasting months of online dating, I was willing to pay a professional to do the ground work. Louanne spent time with me personally


This is why we do what we do… every person we
work with is special to us.



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