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What’s Online Dating Doing to Us?

September 13, 2016 admin

If you are one of the many singles currently dating in Perth, it may seem impossible to remember what it was like before online dating took over the dating scene so rapidly and became a part of our virtual realities. Meeting someone new once meant dressing up in our finest threads and heading out, now we can meet hundreds of people with a swipe to the right in our very own living rooms.

Is the digital dating menu creating a sense of disposability?

The difference, however, lies in the sense of disposability and instant gratification that comes hand in hand with online dating. If it doesn’t work out with the current person, we can always move onto the next option, as the ‘swipe-left’ mentality means the possibilities are endless and the grass could always be greener, so why stop looking when there are so many choices on the digital dating menu? Daters have the ability to continually browse through an endless catalogue of potential partners, allowing them to keep their options open and encouraging a non-committal attitude.

Your time is valuable, use it wisely

You can end up wasting long periods of time talking to the wrong people online, only to find that they aren’t actually willing to invest in a long term relationship. In fact, studies have found that as online daters got to know each other over time, their positive first impressions turned bad. It is believed that this is due to people having unrealistic expectations and fantasies about what their potential partner should be like, results in major disappointment when they actually meet them in person for the first time. Once a flaw is noticed, the rest of the date goes downhill. The U.S. Association of Psychological Science also found that scrolling through multiple profiles causes people to react far more judgmentally than they would in a face-to-face meeting, abruptly dismissing candidates who don’t tick every box.

Is the person sitting at the other end of this virtual relationship as genuine as you are?

It is easier for people to get away with not being loyal or genuine online when they are able to hide behind their computer screen or smartphone, and often the person you are spending your precious time with could be speaking to other people. And just because they have signed themselves up online, doesn’t necessarily mean they are actually single…

Despite the prevalence of online dating, if you are part of the Perth dating scene then the credibility of professional match making is more relevant and needed than ever before.  Having a professional matchmaker performing background checks and researching the people they are putting you in front of can help avoid a lot of unnecessary heartache. By relying only on dating profiles we could be missing out on many individuals who would be a suitable match, while wasting time on those that are not. So don’t waste any more time, get in touch with our expert team today to find out how we can help you find the right partner.


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