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Make a Promise to Yourself to do This Before Your Next Date

May 6, 2024 admin

Let’s be honest… Life has enough rules already, right? And when it comes to love, there should be no rules.

You are free to love whoever you choose.

No matter their age…

Where they live…

Their background…

Nobody gets to tell you who to love…

But, on the journey to love you have to date and there is ONE GOLDEN RULE that if followed could change your dating life forever.
So, even if you think rules are frustrating or meant to be broken…

Surely a rule that powerful would be too valuable to ignore, right?

And no, I’m not going to sit here and tell you what you can wear, say or do…

Nor am I going to suggest you use some manipulative seduction tactic.

However, I am going to recommend the three date rule that has 3 magic powers.

  1. You won’t let the right person accidentally slip through your fingers
  2. You won’t make judgements or be judged unfairly
  3. You will establish the 3cs which are the foundation of every relationship

It isn’t rocket science…

Black magic…

Or a one hit wonder…

If you follow the formula for the 3 date rule you’ll transform meaningless dates into positive dating experiences.


Date One: First Impressions spark chemistry

This is your chance to present your best self, the effort you make demonstrates with actions that you have personal standards.The first date is about getting to know each other’s interests and communication style by engaging in light-hearted banter. It takes around 2 hours to connect with someone on an emotional level and establish areas of compatibility. Attraction and chemistry is as much about internal and external attractiveness, so be kind and treat others with respect.

Tip. Focus on their positive traits and don’t fall into the trap of interviewing your date.


Date Two: Building connection 

Show your date you actively listened on date one. Try making plans together rather than leaving the planning to one person. This step is all about consideration, collaboration, and deepening your connection. You’re discovering if you can communicate easily and make decisions bouncing off each other while finding common ground. Willingness to make the effort and share in decision-making reveals important clues to someone’s personality.

Tip. You want to know sooner rather than later if they are prepared to contribute equally or if they have dominating or selfish side. Planning together is a good test and will help deepen the connection. 


Date Three: Compatibility and playing together 

Time to have some fun, be playful, and let your true selves shine! This date is about uncovering your authentic, spontaneous personalities and seeing if they genuinely click. You’re determining if being together can bring happiness and laughter to each other’s lives. Let your walls down and have some good old-fashioned fun. 

Tip. Be willing to go outside of your comfort zone and do something that spikes adrenalin. This automatically draws you closer to a person.


See, despite what you may have previously thought about rules…

The 3 date formula allows you to see all sides of a person before making a premature decision. You will uncover some important insights about yourself and your date. 

It isn’t designed to restrict you…

…Add any unnecessary pressure…

 Or overemphasise the need for rules…

Instead, It’s about giving you both a chance to show what you really bring to the table… and helps you determine if you’re investing in the right connection or judging too quickly.

Would you be prepared to give it a go if you knew it worked?

If dating isn’t working for you, it is time to make some changes and set new healthy habits. Think about it before your next date.

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